Theatrical Experience

Production Experience

Sina and The eel, Director, 2018

Sina and the Eel is a student written one act inspired by the Polynesian origin myth of the coconut. The production was a part of Brand New Theatre’s annual one act series that produces student written plays. Sina and the Eel was a blend of magical realism, humor, and drama that featured everything from a flamboyant eel king, to musical interludes (and even a character that transformed into an eel!)

The laramie project, production manager, 2018

The Laramie Project was the first production under One and All that was not student written. As production manager, I managed the production’s funds, set, and props while coordinating production meetings with the rest of the production team and designers. I also ran the sound and projections for the performances.

Stage Kiss, Stage Manager, 2017

Stage Kiss was produced by Aeneid Theatre Company in 2017. As stage manager, I ensured the nearly two and a half hour production operated smoothly. I worked with the design team and called each performance’s light and sound cues, as well as managed set changes as the production shifted between it’s two sets.

Swipe, production manager and stage manager, 2017

Swipe was a student devised and written production that followed four college students through the world of digital dating while confronting issues like racial bias and fetishization, queer erasure, and sexual harassment. As production manager and stage manager I compiled the final script, designed and ran the lighting, sound, and projections, and managed the set and theater space.